What Happens When You Reach 1 Million Instagram Followers? How Much Money Do Fashion Influencers Make On Instagram? Influencer Rates Per Instagram Post & How To Get Millions Of Instagram Followers

Beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels Modeling For Valentine's Day Super Bowl Advertisements (Beautiful Victoria's Secret Fashion Ads) | How To Get Millions Of Instagram Followers.
Beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels Modeling For Valentine’s Day Super Bowl Advertisements (Beautiful Victoria’s Secret Fashion Ads) | How To Get Millions Of Instagram Followers.

Above: Beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels Modeling For Valentine’s Day Super Bowl Advertisements (Beautiful Victoria’s Secret Fashion Ads) | How To Get Millions Of Instagram Followers.

One million followers on Instagram used to be a level only celebrities could aspire to and reach. Now, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, fashion models, and even regular people are aiming to get one million Instagram followers to add next to their names. While Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, declined to say how many Instagram accounts have 1 million or more followers, the number is a benchmark that can change the career of a fashion model, encourage household name status, and provide an entree into the world of branded partnerships and fashion and product marketing around the world. With one million Instagram followers, you are at celebrity level when it comes to brand partnerships in the fashion industry, and could easily have your own line with a beauty company, your own fashion brand in a fashion store, or even be the celebrity face for fashion campaigns.

While popular social media users (sometimes called influencers) with as few as 10,000 Instagram followers can win marketing partnerships with fashion brands, the compensation is typically free products or generally up to $150 per Instagram post. However, once they reach 1 million Instagram followers, the payments rise considerably, and can be as high as $15,000 per Instagram post.

The Knot, a wedding website and magazine, said it became the first wedding brand to gain 1 million Instagram followers in July 2016, and having that many Instagram followers led to other business opportunities, such as working with popular and well known brides on Instagram that were engaged and about to get married.

It is also very important to warn future Instagram fashion influencers against services that promise, for a fee, to add new Instagram followers. Brands are constantly checking for an authentic following, and notice when the number of followers appears out of proportion with the actual engagement (a term used to describe the total number of likes and comments on an Instagram post) an account is receiving. Furthermore, buying or selling followers is against Instagram’s policies. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission is also scrutinizing how fashion influencers use social media, sending warning letters to famous Instagram influencers regarding the brands they mentioned in their posts without disclosing their financial ties to those companies (this is why you sometimes see the word sponsored on Instagram posts).

Above: What Happens When You Reach 1 Million Instagram Followers? How To Get Millions Of Instagram Followers.

However, not everyone is a fan of Instagram, as the following quotes illustrate:

“It seems that someone’s Instagram following is in inverse proportion to the actual importance of their existence. Their lives consumed on phones, turning them into zombies and missing the whole world and its people all around them, right next to them, as they pass by them, day after day.”

“What this all means to me, and perhaps many others, is how shallow our society has become. The fact that people are becoming “famous”, and in many cases rich, merely based upon their self centered photography and video productions that have no real social value or even redeeming purpose is disturbing. Instagram and the rest of social media is the barometer of society, and frankly, it is depressing to even consider its repercussions to society and future generations.”

How To Get Millions Of Instagram Followers (Or At Least 1 Million Instagram Followers)

*Talk to your Instagram followers, engaging with them in the comments of your posts and responding to their questions through direct messages or comments.

*Find out what hashtags (the pound sign followed by a word) are popular for the kinds of Instagram content you regularly post, and then use these popular hashtags on your future Instagram posts.

*Get to know other popular Instagram users. Appearing in one of their Instagram posts or being tagged by them are excellent ways to boost your number of Instagram followers.

*Tag brands and related Instagram accounts in your Instagram photos.

*Post consistently on Instagram and on a daily basis.

*Consider getting involved with an influencer modeling agency or an influencer marketing agency to connect you with famous fashion brands.

*Enjoy the success than can sometimes come with fame and fortune, and then help the world to become a better place (many famous fashion models have their own foundations or they simply donate to their favorite charities).

How Much Money Do Fashion Influencers Make On Instagram? Influencer Rates Per Instagram Post

How much money fashion influencers make on Instagram and the influencer rates per Instagram post will also depend on whether the fashion model (or fashion influencer since there is no requirement to be a fashion model) has no agency representation or instead is represented by a prestigious fashion modeling agency (or at a minimum an agency dedicated to representing fashion influencers). Prestigious fashion modeling agencies have the expertise to be able to negotiate the best possible Instagram rates per post for the fashion models and fashion influencers that they represent, which is the reason why fashion modeling agencies can generally obtain (through extensive high level negotiations) higher Instagram rates per post. For example, even though the Instagram rates per post that we have quoted and described in this article have been obtained from the Wall Street Journal (a very prestigious financial publication known around the world), the Instagram rates per post do seem rather low for our fashion modeling agency.

Even though there are always exceptions, over the years our fashion modeling agency has been able to negotiate and obtain higher Instagram rates per post for many of the fashion models that we have represented. In fact, a general rule appears to be to simply divide the total number of Instagram followers divided by 100 in order to arrive at a rate per Instagram post in United States dollars (this is assuming the fashion model or fashion influencer has an engagement rate of at least 10% with her Instagram followers).

Using the example described earlier, a fashion model or fashion influencer with 1 million Instagram followers could easily earn $10,000 United States dollars (excluding agency fees) per Instagram post, and our fashion modeling agency would include our fashion model’s other social media accounts (and an article featuring the client on our modeling agency blog and the model’s blog if she has one) as an added bonus in order to close and book the deal with the client. Thus, whether you believe our Instagram rates per post are too aggressive or that the rates per Instagram post that were provided by the Wall Street Journal are too conservative, one thing is certain, and that is that many celebrities, supermodels, and famous fashion influencers can earn in one Instagram post what millions of working men and women around the world earn in one year, and that dear reader, is no laughing matter.


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