How You Could Get Life Threatening Meningitis From Kissing

The Scary Thing You Can Catch By Kissing

It is not just mono, you could get life threatening meningitis from making out and kissing. Terrifying as it sounds, you could be carrying the germs that lead to deadly bacterial meningitis right now without even knowing it, and even if you haven’t recently been kissing. This is because the germs remain in the noses and throats of about 10 percent of all adults and approximately 24 percent of 19 year old men and women. In most cases, the bacteria never cause any problems, but they can from time to time infiltrate the blood stream and attack the meninges which are extremely important membranes that protect your brain and your spinal cord. Once these deadly bacteria penetrate your brain and central nervous system, they can cause seizures, coma, or even death for up to 15 percent of infected people.

How You Could Get Life Threatening Meningitis From Kissing

Say what? You can get life threatening meningitis from kissing a guy or a woman? You bet, but please keep in mind that whether the deadly bacteria spread throughout your body and into your central nervous system will depend on your own DNA and how virulent the bacterial strain is when you are infected by kissing. But one thing is certain, college students are specially at risk of getting infected.


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