How To Wear The Perfect Size Bra For Model Castings | 10 Expert Bra Tips We Wish Victoria’s Secret Told Us | 10 Supermodel Bra Tips For Fashion Models We Wish Our Mothers Told Us

We can hear our mothers saying: take an umbrella, moisturize your elbows, hide an extra $20 bill (and pads or tampons) in your purse because you will never know when you will need them, and most importantly do not forget your ears when putting on sunscreen. Did we forget save for retirement?
Before we had tricks and tips for everything, there was mom shouting at you as you walked out the door or pulling you aside to give you some valuable knowledge that she learned over decades of life experiences. Our mothers have always been a fountain of life wisdom, but somehow, when it came to bras, we missed out on a few professional tips in our youth. Now that we know them, they have changed our lives forever (at least when it comes to wearing the perfect bra for every single fashion event, model casting calls, or for simply going out with our friends).

1. Sister Sizes.

Did you know your bra cup size varies based on your band size? A “34C” bra cup size is actually the same as a “36B” bra cup size. It is true and they are called sister sizes. Who knew? Most of us simply had no idea.

2. Hand Wash Your Bras. Really.

Say what? File this one under “Mom did tell me, I just never listened.”
Hand washing your bras is much gentler than machine washing and will help your bras last a lot longer. But if you just can’t be bothered because you simply do not have the time, at the very minimum use a lingerie bag in the washing machine. But most importantly, try to never put your beautiful and expensive bras in the dryer.