How To Avoid Getting Job Ghosted By Recruiters After A Job Interview For Your Dream Job

Above: First Day At My New Dream Job At Estée Lauder By Supermodel Karlie Kloss.

Getting ghosted after a great date stings and is annoying. Getting ghosted after interviewing for your dream job sucks even more and can be extremely frustrating for many women trying to launch their dream career. Per a recent survey, approximately 75 percent of people say that not hearing back from a potential employer is more frustrating than being blown off and not hearing back from last week’s romantic date (by that extremely handsome looking guy who just happened to be a total jerk).

If a romantic prospect doesn’t text you back after your date, it is easier to blame it on immaturity by the guy. However, when it comes to job interviews, you expect a certain level of professionalism (which should include proper communication), even if the recruiter’s answer is that you unfortunately did not get the job. Adding insult to injury is when a recruiter totally disappears and completely ignores your e-mails, texts, and/or phone calls, which can make you feel like you have failed yourself and your future.

Sadly, job ghosting by recruiters and potential employers happens very often. More than 33% of job seekers said that they were rejected from a potential job by never getting any response at all, according to a recent study. One reason? The majority of the hiring process is now done online using advanced automated software that scans through thousands of resumes and e-mails. Job ghosting is more likely to happen when employers do not think about job candidates as humans with feelings, emotions, and career goals. This is true even for new fashion models applying to a fashion modeling agency for the very first time, or for experienced fashion models auditioning for high paying fashion modeling jobs or acting jobs (such as television commercials which can easily pay over $50,000 United States dollars for one or two days of fashion modeling or acting work).

Talent agents meet and interview so many fashion models and/or actresses that it can become extremely overwhelming for them just to call back each fashion model or actress that they have interviewed. When it comes to our clients, our fashion modeling agency easily solves this problem because our clients know that if they wish to continue being our clients (and most importantly continue having the opportunity to work with our fashion models and actresses on future projects), they must call us back in a timely manner with their booking (hiring) decisions. Unfortunately, fashion models and actresses that are not represented by a talent agency (fashion modeling or acting) do not benefit from these protections.


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