Taylor Swift – Delicate

Above: Music Video by Taylor Swift Performing Delicate. ©2018 Big Machine Label Group LLC.

She is 28 years old with no college degrees, and only a high school diploma. She is self-made, with a $280 million dollar fortune that is quickly approaching $300 million dollars. She is the highest paid female singer on the planet, and she just released her newest music video Delicate. Taylor Swift has disappeared from public view, and her Delicate music video might explain why she has remained invisible all this time. Most importantly, Taylor Swift’s Delicate received over 14 million views during its first 24 hours since its release to the general public, proving that she can become visible as quickly as she can become invisible, disappear, and vanish from plain sight – while at the same time giving us a glimpse of the incredible power of the Taylor Swift brand (Taylor Swift has over 106 million Instagram followers and growing).

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift won the prize for female artist of the year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. She wasn’t there to accept in person, which is no surprise — the pop singer has been mostly out of the public view for months.

Your crush is coming, act natural.

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“Hey, guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this award,” Taylor Swift said to the audience in a taped video, explaining she couldn’t attend because she is in rehearsals for her upcoming world tour. “But in my absence and to show my gratitude, I really wanted to show you my brand new video for my new single, Delicate.”

Delicate, the fourth single from her latest album, Reputation, is Taylor Swift’s most direct song about her reputation. So it’s fitting that the video may offer a clue as to why Taylor Swift has recently avoided the spotlight. Aside from a handful of brief concert appearances around the holidays, Taylor Swift has mostly gone underground. Taylor has avoided the media and gave practically zero interviews to promote Reputation album when it was released in November of 2017. While unnamed sources assure the tabloids that Taylor Swift is doing quite well with her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, they’re rarely seen in public together. Taylor Swift’s Instagram account used to be filled with pictures of her and her best friends, but she wiped all of her social media accounts clean last year and now uses them only for album promotions.

About Taylor Swift:

Age: 28. Education: diploma, high school.
Net worth (fortune for the year 2017): $280 million United States Dollars.
Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
Source of wealth: music (self-made).

Citizenship: United States.
Marital Status: Single.

*Taylor Swift’s 1989 album was the bestselling album of 2014 despite a late-October release.
*Her 1989 tour smashed North American touring records en route to a quarter-billion dollar gross in 2015.
*Even though Swift stayed relatively quiet in 2016, her net worth has benefited from continued earnings from her music, endorsements and merch.
*Swift has shilled for the likes of Keds, Diet Coke and Apple.
*She owns two Dassault private jets.